Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner using compressed air

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Brand: Blovac


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner using compressed air.
By just setting onto a pail, BLOVAC CLEANER powerfully collects the unnecessary things that come out at the various work spots such as the factory and the gas station etc. It can be used for water, oil, cutting chips, pellets, dust and sludge etc. regardless dry or wet. And, since there is no rotation part inside, there is no fear of troubles that are caused by wear etc


  • Oil Exchange of various machines and Collection of Sludge.
  • Collection of Cutting Chips etc. at machining factories.
  • Collection of Sand and Cutting Chips at foundries.
  • Collection of Pellets at injection forming works.
  • Collection of Oil and Sewage staying in the manhole and the drain.
  • Collection of Punching Chips and Exchange of Hydraulic Oil of press machines.
  • Collection of Sludge in car washing machine and Cleaning of car inside at gas stations.
  • Collection of Sand and Steel Balls of shot blasting machines.
  • Collection of Unnecessary Things that come out at various work spots.

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